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Product engineering Services

As companies strive for excellence and market leadership, there is a very thin line of distinction that separates the good from the best. A large pool of skilled man power, efficient processes and robust products form the core of businesses vying for market domination. We at Nexgeniit go beyond simply executing product ideas to sharing your vision, focus on creating rich user experiences, analyse the marketability and scalability of the idea to ensure that we deliver a stand-out creation. Nexgeniit Technologies has been a trusted product engineering partner for leading brands across industries, helping them cut costs and meet critical timelines. Our expertise spans across product development, commercialization, customization and maintenance.

End-to-End Engineering Partner

Nexgeniit partners with clients across the entire phase of product engineering to design & deliver a new wave of intelligent products.

Product Ideation:

Product ideation is not just about coming up with the big idea. It is about creating a single idea that gets jobs done for a large number of users. Nexgeniit partners with product innovators to review and refine product ideas and turn them into truly workable solutions that meet specific needs of their target audiences, eventually enabling them to get the work done faster and efficiently than before.

Requirement Analysis:

Requirement analysis is one of the primary steps in the product development lifecycle and includes a combination of hardware, software and co-ordinating with target users to understand the exact needs of the consumer segment. Nexgeniit works to determine specific feature expectation, conflict resolution and extensive documentation of all the aspects of the product development lifecycle.

Create & Define User Experience:

User experience has come to be an inseparable part of product design and development, essentially because consumers and employees choose their own products. Thus, the best product with the most effective design wins, instead of sales and marketing techniques. Nexgeniit with its dedicated team of UX experts focuses on creating an experience that solves specific user problems and adds value.

System Architecture Design:

For any system to become flawless and embodied into an organization, it needs a strong fundamental architecture with well-defined components. Nexgeniit ’s team of system engineers are adept at different architecture frameworks, models and modelling, architectural approaches and their applications.

Software Development:

As mobile and cloud technologies gain prominence, software development has become increasingly complex and dynamic. Nexgeniit offers end-to-end as well as individual software development, cuts development costs, accelerate time to market and also help them grow across markets.

Optimization & Quality:

Nexgeniit ’s product development optimization is targeted to leverage and monetize your intellectual property by enabling different strategies like competitive pricing, innovative packaging and licensing models. It also encompasses developing a global footprint, institutionalizing knowledge management and installing a repeatable formula for success.

DevOps & Maintenance:

DevOps is rapidly replacing traditional follow-on maintenance models by blurring the lines between developers and operators, between coding and support. Nexgeniit ’s DevOps capabilities help deliver applications that evolve continuously at a brisk pace. The focus is to consistently deliver greater business agility by implementing a “continuous delivery continuous deployment model”.